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15 CPA Traits that Ensure a Successful Tax Season

Tax season is here and the thought of it makes people very stressed. Having to gather all their personal financial documents, anticipating owing money to the IRS, these are all common thoughts jumping around in the minds of US taxpayers. Yes, there's also individuals that know they'll be getting a refund and are extremely excited to have that extra money to do what they need. For small business owners, having all personal and business financial docs in order can be time consuming and aggravating at the same time. Aside from the common emotions people face before they file taxes there's one more "to do" on the checklist. This one is very important and will make a huge difference in filing your taxes efficiently and correctly. And that is "Finding an Experienced and Reputable" CPA. 

There are many certified public accountants in the Sun City area. Some come with many years of experience and some come with several positive online reviews. There's also many that don't have the experience and even more that give people the wrong advice and can put an individual or business in jeopardy of an audit. When looking for an experienced and reputable CPA in Sun City you need to be looking for several traits. Let's take a look at 15 Traits that make an excellent accountant, one that will give you great advice and keep you within the good graces of the Internal Revenue Service.

Excellent organization. Accountants must keep up with all figures, data, and paperwork in their daily jobs. They need a system for quickly finding information they need. Accountants should be able to organize their work to maximize productivity and allow time for undisturbed research and analysis.

Time management skills. Today, accountants are playing an increasingly important role in contributing to strategic decision-making, so their schedules are full to the brim. They need to take care of many tasks beyond financial management and should be able to prioritize them to make the most from their time at work.

Attention to Detail. These traits are obviously key in the daily reality of accountants who need to make sure that numbers work and are correct. An eye for details and due diligence for accuracy should be part of their modus operandi, not something they need to be reminded of.

Focus on the Client. Being an accountant means not only dealing with numbers, but with clients as well. That's why accountants should have a strong orientation toward meeting client requirements – they need to understand the industry, sector, and client in detail. Only this helps them to decide which accounting rules or economic measures could fit the business. An accountant's advice is always of value and knowing their way around a sector is the best way to make it more relevant and actionable.

Creativity. That's right – great accountants have creative minds as well. They're the ones who practice out-of-the-box thinking to come up with fresh solutions – some client problems aren't textbook cases and require special attention and a degree of creativity.

Specializing in a Sector. Accountants should commit themselves to a particular industry and be passionate about it. This is what makes them attractive hires – companies are looking for individuals for long-term employment and stop at nothing to motivate such talented accountants to join in. That's probably because replacing an accountant costs a lot of time and effort, seriously affecting the productivity of employees during the dreadful transition period.

Trustworthiness. The kind of information accountants deal with every day is very confidential in nature. One of the most important features of great accountants is that they're professional and never impart any knowledge to third parties. This is the ethical way to conduct an accounting business, and having a reputation for trustworthiness can only help in scoring great jobs.

Great Communication Skills. Needless to say, accountants must be able to communicate and collaborate with colleagues from different departments. They should also be able to communicate key insights to non-finance staff – accountants can use various data visualizations form to aid their communication effort and ensure that their insights are properly understood. Communication is also key to developing successful relationships with clients.

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Collaboration. This is something not many professionals expect. We've all cherished the idea of a lonesome accountant busy number-crunching in a small cubicle – but this image is completely inaccurate. In fact, accountants work in teams and provide support to different departments – that's why they should be able to efficiently impart their expertise to clients and decision-makers. They should feel what others need to know and support the goals of the team, working with different kinds of professionals and personalities.

Flexibility. Accountants who are able to embrace challenges and effectively respond to changes in working environments make up for very valuable members of any organization. In the digital age, offices change at an accelerated pace and accountants must be able to adapt and take advantage of those alterations. A high degree of agility is also necessary for responding to regulatory changes in the industry – only then they can provide quality service.

Educated on New Rules and Laws  - Accountants must constantly stay abreast with the industry's general accepted accounting principles or GAAP, as well as any changes in tax laws. Attending refreshers, going to conferences and seminars will help keep her up to speed on the latest in accounting trends. Technological advancements are also evolving at lightning speed, and turning away from these changes will be a huge disservice to clients and the business.

Team Player - The usual image of an accountant doing their number crunching within a cubicle is an inaccurate picture of what accountants actually do. They typically work in teams, or at least with a parnter, and have face to face meetings with clients and other decision makers on a regular basis. They are therefore required to be generous with what they know; sensitive to other's needs, and be supportive of their team's goals. They have the ability to work with different types of personalities.

Ethics - A strong sense of integrity and an inclination toward honesty are traits that inspire confidence in an accountant's work and professional practice. This is a trait that should extend into their personal lives as well, because an accountant who has the ability to be morally upright and live as an upstanding citizen is someone who will most likely obey the rules of law.

Leadership - Accountants may be required to lead teams, oversee projects and enforce company policies. Consequently, strong communication and conflict resolution skills are important to success in the field. This includes public speaking and the ability to write persuasive letters, reports and other documents.

People Person - It's not your job to work the figures blindly. You need to know what your clients' personal priorities are. Exactly why are they enlisting your service? What are their future goals, and what can you offer them to encourage their success? Every client is a person, and every person has different needs.

It's easy to find an average, or even, a good accountant. Finding an accountant that meets the 15 traits above can be a challenge. Do your homework, research their experience, listen to what other's have had to say about them. Don't be afraid to ask them questions, if they're a great accountant, they'll have no problem putting your mind at ease. If you need a local CPA in Sun City, for your personal or business tax preparation needs, look no further. With over 50 years of experience, you'll find that I meet all 15 of these traits and beyond. Contact our office today. 

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