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Din Sherry smallAbout Dick & Sherry

Dick - Dick is a licensed CPA in both Arizona and Massachusetts. His passion is helping small businesses grow,and helping taxpayers reduce their tax liability. He served in the US army for 2 years, and enjoys watching the stock market, reading, playing softball, and gardening.

Dick's motto is, "Good service isn't good enough, but good advice is."

Sherry - Sherry is the bookkeeping half of the duo. An expert in Quickbooks, she can help you manage your money better and really show you where it's going. She can do it for you on Quickbooks or teach you the best way to do it yourself. Sherry is into her crafts, doing quilting, painting and beadwork. She's also been a teacher for ballroom, disco and belly dancing.

Sherry's motto is, "If the thought of accounting makes you sick, pick up the phone and call Sherry and Dick!"
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